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Women’s Human Rights in Rwanda Revisited

Story and photo by Lauren Mescon, FAWCO rep   In 2014, the FAWCO HR Team sponsored the first Strength of a Woman tour to Rwanda to learn about advancements in women's human rights in the country. Team member Lauren Mescon recently visited Rwanda and shares her experiences. While Rwanda has unquestionably made significant strides under […]

Dating A Man From Another Country

by Allison Ochs "Should we go get some dinner?" My heart was pounding when he said this.  I was an 18-year-old freshman at university, and this charming, handsome German man was asking me on a date — or so I thought. He had told me he wanted to go to a real burger joint, better […]

FAWCO Corner – February 1, 2018

by your FAWCO Reps, Lauren Mescon & Julie Lehr Interim Meeting - March 23-25 in The Hague The FAWCO Interim Meeting, to be held in The Hague March 23-25, is full.  If you would like to be put on the waiting list, please email the registrar. Every year since 1995, FAWCO members around the world have […]

Board Corner – Feb. 1, 2018

BOARD CORNER - SUMMARY OF EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING January 29, 2018 EB Members Present: Beth van Amerongen, Martha Canning, Kristin DeLong, Audrey Mezas and Christine Rigby-Hall Guests: Rhonda Jimenez (Youth Programs) and Lauren Mescon (Parliamentarian and FAWCO Rep) A. Approval of the Minutes - minutes of the previous meeting were approved. B. Member Report - […]

Board Corner – Jan. 1, 2017

BOARD CORNER - SUMMARY OF EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING December 12, 2017 EB Members Present: Beth van Amerongen, Martha Canning, Kristin DeLong, Robin Ford, and Christine Rigby-Hall Guests: Phyllis Larkin and Danielle Tomich I. Guest Topic: Phyllis Larkin, Public Relations Phyllis shared that she recently met with our Web Coordinator, Alicia Puig, and they will be […]

Ask Allison: Bad Days Abroad

  When I first moved to Europe some 28 years ago, I struggled. I was young, hip, and daring and chose this step myself.  Yet I found myself making cultural faux-pas, struggling with the language and being ultimately homesick. On a great day, I would sit in a café with a friend, sipping my drink, […]