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Children Birthday Party Ideas

May 03, 2022 7:56 AM | Anonymous

Birthday invites: go green and email the invitations! Depending on your child’s teacher, handing out an invitation may not be preferred, as other children may feel left out.

Birthday presents: the most common and practical way is to provide an email with a list of items and links. A birthday gift can also be one big gift and one brave parent may buy the gift if there are enough willing parents to chip-in. Alternatively, the birthday parent(s) may buy the one big gift and at the birthday party you can drop-in your envelope with contribution. The maximum gift amount is 10.00 euros, this avoids over giving and embarrassing the parent(s).

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Party at Home

Clowns come in various types and themes to help match to your child’s birthday theme. The clowns play games, magical tricks, face painting, balloon making swords and musical chairs. Clown Ellebel



Dreaming of being in a circus? In a safe environment children can learn how to balance on a ball while juggling or balance on a trapeze. Parents are invited to see a 15-minute performance before they are collected to go home.


Go Dutch and get these city kids to a farm! Kids need to dress for outdoor activity rain or shine and ask parent(s) to bring dry clothes when they collect their children.

Picking Flowers

Sports Indoor

Sports Outdoor

Parents need to be around to help out make these events for the kids, especially if you go to the fun forest as there are kids that may be scared of heights.


Dress up like a princess or prince and enjoy a small show. Afterwards the disco lights go on, dance music is played, and bubbles are created via a machine.

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