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Over the Counter (OTC) Medication

May 03, 2022 8:05 AM | Anonymous

This is a working document whereby input from the AWCA members are always appreciated to help maintain the validity of the information. If you would like to add to the list or if you have any other suggestions or comments, please contact Web Manager.

OTC in the Netherlands for Adults

Your local pharmacy is called the “Apotheek” and this is where your doctor’s (huisarts) prescription medications can be given too.  In Amsterdam the “DA Apotheek “ located at the Leidsestraat 74-76 is open 24 hours a day.  A drugstore (drogist) is not a pharmacy this is common at Etos, DA

  • Ibuprofen (advil) – read the dosage.
  • Paracetamol to reduce fever. – Ask about the dosage (mg)
  • Hot Coldrex – Acetaminophen in a hot, lemon flavor drink.
  • Bisolvon Drank – cough syrup for adults, no sugar, decongestant
  • Dampo (vicks vapor rub) similar to Vicks vapor rub.
  • Fenistil wondgel direct use on minor burns

OTC in the Netherlands for Babies and Children

VSM is one of the homeopathic products available at most drogist i.e. Etos, DA,

  • Gendenatureerde Alcohol 70% use after use of your thermometer
  • KinderParacetamol to reduce fever for children. Depending on the age of your baby or child, ask them about the dosage (mg).
  • Bisolvon Drank for children – cough syrup, no sugar very, decongestant, ask about the dosage for your child.
  • Dampo or LUUF (Vicks vapor rub) similar to Vicks vapor rub.
  • Baby Otrivin neuspray – salt water nose spray as of 0 years old.
  • Otrivin neuspray - salt water nose spray
  • Dentitox teething gel (Ambesol) no sugar or additives
  • Sudacream – baby diaper rash
  • VSM Calendulan for baby diaper rash
  • VSM Arniflor Gelei (Arnicare) contains arnica, calendula to prevent bruising/swelling.
  • VSM Spirpflor Gelei – for muscle and joint pain
  • VSM Calendulan Zalf helps lock in the moisture after a bath.
  • VSM Cardiflor Emulsie for eczema. For extreme eczema visit your doctor and you may be given a prescription for “vaselinelanette crème FNA”, then the heavier crème is paid by your health care provider.

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