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We think of ourselves as “international Americans” who embrace life abroad while staying true to our American roots.

Art on the Move

For art enthusiasts or art inspired or even the art challenged-but-interested amongst us, we head monthly to a new museum to discover a long-awaited exhibition, a museum outside Amsterdam or in an unknown corner of the city, or an old but great favorite, like the Rijksmuseum. Where possible and helpful, these visits are paired with professional tour guides. Suggestions are welcome and encouraged!

Book Clubs

Avid readers abound in the AWCA with book clubs, in various shapes and sizes, appearing in all of our areas, including an evening Book Club in the Haarlem area and a morning Book Group in Amsterdam. These groups are for those who love reading and the scintillating discussion that a book can evoke.


The Excursions Chair gets us moving! She plans a monthly tour somewhere in the Netherlands, allowing both newcomers and long time members a chance to see corners of the country we may not know.  Even if we know the spot, the trip is much more fun in a group.  Some recent tours have included Palace Het Loo, Naarden Vesting, the Zuiderzee Museum, and Delft, but there are still so very many places to see.

Family Fun

Each area (Amsterdam, Haarlem and 't Gooi) has it’s own form of Moms and Tots gathering for parents and their children under age 10. For example, in Amsterdam, moms meet weekly for play, snacks and good conversation. This is a wonderful opportunity for the tots and moms to make new friends, exchange helpful information and hear fun stories about life in Amsterdam. The moms graciously take turns hosting, so the location changes weekly.

And What else?

  • Mom’s/Ladies'/Guys/Couple’s Nights Out
  • Running Clubs
  • Cheap and Cheerful (dinners that are easy on the pocket book)
  • Movie Nights
  • Wine Tastings
  • Pokeno
  • Coffee mornings at exciting, new venues all over the city
  • Cooking Clubs
  • Knitting Groups (quilters welcome!)
  • Activities with teens
  • Walking Groups
Don't see what you were looking for? We're always open to new ideas and our members are encouraged to create events and groups within the club so that the AWCA always has something for everyone!

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