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A 50-Year Love Story

On February 14, 1972, a young Mary Beth H. embarked on her first European trip — to Amsterdam. She had recently transferred from Framingham State College (MA) to Syracuse University (NY) to be able to study abroad. This trip to Amsterdam would allow her to continue her undergraduate degree in Nutrition and graduate within four […]

The first thing

By Meredith Mani The first thing our family does when we move to a new city is to search for good Indian restaurants. Whether in New York, Washington, D.C., Bangalore or Amsterdam, good Indian food is what has bonded and sustained us over the years. When I married an Indian man 20 years ago, I […]

Member Travel Tips: London

AWCA members are an adventurous bunch! Many of us are frequent and enthusiastic travelers, so this new series aims to share travel tips each month. Each recommendation below comes from the real-life experiences of people you know and trust. Do you have suggestions for our members? Please fill out our short survey. This month's destination […]

In the Shadow of the Plane

By Lauren Mescon With contributions from Nancy Koster Tschirhart Hans van Arkel, the last surviving witness, remembers it like it was yesterday. A boy of 11 years old at the time, he remembers exactly where the plane went down and where the survivors fell. On July 30, 1943, Man-O-War, a B-17 filled with 10 U.S. Airmen […]

AWCA Friends with Benefits

Did you know you have amazing member benefits FREE with your club membership? Remember to refer to the benefits page on our website for the latest information and offers. Here are just a few benefits this year: 10% discount at the American Book Center FREE Design Consultation for SZI (with contract) FREE Pilates Class with […]

Going Dutch: A Guide to Koningsdag (King’s Day)

By Rhonda Jimenez April 27 is King Willem-Alexander’s birthday. That means in in the Netherlands, Koningsdag (or King’s Day) is a celebration and a giant party. The entire city turns orange in his honor. (He is a descendant of the House of Orange-Nassau.) People dye their hair orange, dye their dogs orange, wear orange three-piece […]

Member Travel Tips: Copenhagen

    AWCA members are an adventurous bunch! Many of us are frequent and enthusiastic travelers, so this new series aims to share travel tips each month. Each recommendation below comes from the real-life experiences of people you know and trust. Do you have suggestions for our members? Please fill out our short survey. This […]

Is it All in Your Head? A Case to Get Your Cranium (and Spine) Checked

By Claire Fitzpatrick, D.C. Do you or someone you know suffer from fatigue, confusion, attention disorders, movement disorders or neurological dysfunction? How about hormonal imbalance, mood swings, and global aches and pains? In addition to seeking medical help, it would be a good idea to get your cranial and spinal integrity checked. You’ve likely heard […]

I Feel So Guilty

by Phyllis Larkin, Psy.D Geriatric and Family Psychologist XPATSIA.com Many of those caring for a loved one from abroad feel guilty. Should we? Let’s take a closer look at this powerful, and misunderstood, emotion in relation to our aging loved ones. Guilt | Definition by Merriam-Webster 1: responsibility for having done something wrong and especially […]

Money Matters

by Phyllis Larkin, Psy.D Geriatric and Family Psychologist XPATSIA.com Mom says in a panic, “They turned off the electricity. I don’t know what happened?” Unopened bills are piled on the counter. There are unnecessary new windows and doors on dad’s house, and the replacements were financed through a second mortgage on the house. Since the […]

Red Paper: Amsterdam in January

By Beth Massa Soggy bits of red paper everywhere. Hardly distinguishable from the remnants of decaying leaves discarded by autumn’s trees and disregarded by Amsterdam’s street sweepers. “What’s all this red paper all over the place?” “Fireworks.” “But why are there so, so, so, many firecrackers?” “To banish all the bad spirits from Oud en […]

‘Tis a Very Sexy Berry!

By Claire Fitzpatrick, D.C. First, a disclaimer: I must inform you that nothing that follows should be construed to imply that this plant, nor its constituents, cures or prevents any disease. Also, this article is not a substitute for going to see your doctor for a proper diagnosis of your health concerns. Before you use any […]

Home for the Holidays!

by Phyllis Larkin, Psy.D Geriatric and Family Psychologist XPATSIA.com Scenes from a Rockwell painting rush to mind when we think about the holiday season: the family tableau, cookies baking, ”I’ll Be Home for Christmas” playing in the background…These idealized images, sounds and smells all give us a romanticized version of holidays full of bliss, joy, […]

Pain can be a blessing

By Claire Fitzpatrick, D.C. In my office, I see people with shoulder pain, knee pain, headaches, low back pain, and neck pain. What most of us don't realize is that if our bodies find it necessary to shunt resources to areas of pain, it means the body understands that there is an underlying health problem […]

Going Dutch for Thanksgiving

by Beth van Amerongen (relevant links & events updated for 2019) What does Thanksgiving have to do with “Going Dutch”? Well, a lot, actually. If you are an expat living in the Netherlands and will eventually end up in the U.S., you are following in the footsteps of many of the pilgrims. In a nutshell, […]

Ten Reasons to See “Hamilton” in London

by Danielle Tomich with Suzanne Vine (Just for fun, I've included song lyrics in italics, followed by a link to listen to the song. Just a few listens, and you’ll likely be enticed to make your travel plans to London.)   You might be hoping "Hamilton" is all hype so you can save yourself a […]

Letter from the Tulip Talk Editor

Dear Tulip Talk Readers, And…it’s a wrap: my last issue as the editor of Tulip Talk. I’ll be repatriating to Boston in mid-January (brrr). Thank you all for your support and input this past year as Tulip Talk evolved with us. Your positive comments and generous contributions mean more than you know. I have truly enjoyed this […]

Is Thanksgiving Fake News?

by Rhonda Jimenez Before we start making our shopping list for the XL Albert Heijn to find canned pumpkin and frozen turkey, let’s take a moment to take a closer look at our beloved holiday and its origins. Did the first Thanksgiving happen in Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts? Actually, the first Thanksgiving in America occurred in […]

A Farewell to Summer and Son

by Danielle Tomich “Mama, hold ‘mine’ hand.” (We never did figure out where he got that —“mine” instead of “my”— maybe it was a foreshadowing of our feeble attempts to speak Dutch.) But as a child, our son Nick asked this often, and I was always happy to hold his soft, dimpled hand. Now 21 […]

Best Burgers in the ‘Dam

by Rhonda Jimenez Craving the comforts of home? A juicy Black Angus burger? Read on, meat lovers. You don’t have to wait until you’re Stateside to enjoy a tasty burger. American burgers in Amsterdam may sound like a contradiction, but there are some tasty burger joints in the 'Dam. Here is a collection of some […]

The Call

by Phyllis Larkin, Psy.D Geriatric and Family Psychologist XPATSIA.com   You’re going about your life, and then the call or text comes: Mom or Dad is in the hospital and you have to make decisions quickly. Here is some practical advice that will help you determine what to do and when to do it. Don’t […]

A Foodie’s Favorite Restaurants in Amsterdam

By Lauren Mescon How can I possibly share all the great food experiences I’ve had in Amsterdam? My head almost exploded at the task …so many places, so little time! Here are a few of our favorites, loosely grouped by food type. From Michelin-starred restaurants to holes in the wall, this town offers it all. […]

What is my role now?

by Phyllis Larkin, Psy.D. Xpatsia What is my role now? Moving abroad creates internal and external stressors that can’t be understood by those we love in the States. And those we love in the U.S. have stressors we cannot understand because we aren’t there. This lack of shared experience causes incredible emotional upheaval in most […]

I am an Embarrassing American Mom

by Allison Ochs, M.S.W. Change Edit Management When my daughter was eight, I went to pick her up from sailing on a Wednesday afternoon. I merrily walked through the harbor in my cute summer dress, very pleased with my life abroad. There I was on the shores of Lake Geneva, and my adorable daughter was sailing […]

Connecting and Reconnecting

by Claire Fitzpatrick, D.C. Fitzpatrick Chiropractic Joy Health and Body We are capable of creating symphonies of connections that carry us as if we were gliding on the surface of a great lake — when we live with full awareness of life’s sorrows and joys; its ironies and horror; its endless hilarity; and its perfect […]

Proposed Amendment to AWCA Articles of Association

In accordance with the AWCA Articles of Association, Section 25, the Executive Board hereby presents notice of the following proposed amendments to the AWCA Bylaws to be presented at the October 1, 2018 General Meeting: It is proposed the first sentence in Article IV. Executive Board Duties, Section A, which currently reads: The Executive Board […]