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From Isabelle Cajfinger

Catherine was a discreet friend who always thought about how she could help others. Catherine knew I had a love for Trader Joe’s, so every time she went to the U.S., she would be back with a new bag/new design from that store. When I went to L.A., she thought ahead of time, always solving possible […]

From Sherrie Zwail Enderman

"Gracious" is the word I think of when I think of Catherine. Catherine Hewins was a gentle, loving, sincere, funny and warm woman. I first met Catherine on my Habitat for Humanity trip to India four years ago. Although we were in a group setting, there were plenty of times we spent one-on-one, getting to […]

Bored in Amsterdam

by Allison Ochs, M.S.W Edit Change Management After the excitement of moving to Amsterdam fades and visits to museums and trips begin to dwindle, boredom may set in and your days here might get long. I know exactly how you feel. Why not use your time abroad to work part-time in a new field, get […]

Board Corner – December 1, 2017

The Executive Board met on November 1, 2017. Below are highlights from the meeting. The full minutes will be posted on the website once they have been approved. Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting - The minutes of the September Executive Board meeting and the October Advisory Board meeting were approved. FAWCO Report […]

Ask Allison: I’m Bored.

Dear Allison, I'm bored. I know I will be going back, so I don't want a full-time job in my career field. I'd like to work part-time or get involved in a project or venture —something new. How can I re-invent myself while I'm here? —Bored in Amsterdam Dear Bored in Amsterdam, I understand what you're going through. After […]

Beyond Germany: Five Must-Visit Christmas Markets 

by Jennifer van Lent Everyone knows about the legendary German Christmas markets - glühwein and feuerzangenbowle, the Käthe Wohlfahrt Christmas store, bratwurst and currywurst stalls. For my family, Christmas isn't the same without visiting Bonn, Cologne or one of the many German markets located within driving distance of the Amsterdam area. However, over the years, we […]

Old and New Friends: Finding Time

by Allison Ochs, M.S.W Edit Change Management New expats often ask, "How can I find the time to keep my old friends back home and also find new friends here?" Unfortunately, this is part of being an expat. When I went home for the very first time, I remember not having fun with my friends. […]

Thanksgiving Turkeys in The Netherlands

by Jennifer van Lent Photo by Alison Marras on Unsplash Haarlem area members have a secret for roasting the perfect Thanksgiving turkey. Instead of the hassle of basting the turkey every hour, worrying whether it's ready to serve or has been roasting too long, ask your butcher (or in Dutch, "slager") to roast it for you!  Many years ago, I […]

Should You Raise Your Kids the Dutch Way?

by Allison Ochs, M.S.W.  Edit Change Management  Good morning, Amsterdam! Of all the cities I've lived in, Amsterdam is the most expat-friendly. Therefore, I understand why so many expats want to follow the “Dutch way” of raising kids without thinking about what that means. I was asked this week as a social worker and parent […]