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Where to Go: Cycling in the Netherlands

Are you ready to explore new surroundings again? Spring is on its way, and a great way to get out and see the Netherlands in the springtime is on a bike (fiets in Dutch). With at least 32,000 km of cycle lanes and 3,300 km of long-distance bike routes (signposted as "LF-Routes", or Langeafstand Fietsroutes), […]

Where to Go: Walking in the Netherlands

by Marcie Asplin New Year, New You?  Walking — it’s something almost everyone can do, and there are usually few costs associated with this activity. It is something you can do with or without purpose. You can walk somewhere or you can simply meander aimlessly without a destination in mind. You can do it for […]

Dutch Healthcare

by Marcie Asplin December is an excellent month to talk about healthcare and health insurance in the Netherlands, since it’s the month when you are free to change insurance providers or make changes to your existing policy. If you wish, you can cancel your current policy by December 31, 2020, and you have until January 31, 2021, […]

Thanksgiving is Saved

By Meredith Mani Thanksgiving 2020 will be a chance for all of us to focus on the “thanks” part of the holiday and less on “giving” friends and family a lavish dinner. This year, we are allowed to celebrate with just family and maybe a friend or two. Paring down Thanksgiving doesn’t have to mean […]

Shopping Survival Tips in Amsterdam (and beyond*)

This article was originally written in 2018 by past president Rhonda Jimenez and was focused on Amsterdam shopping. It has been updated for 2020 by Marcie Asplin.  *Most of the stores mentioned have branches across the Netherlands and you can order articles from several of the others. For shopping tips beyond Amsterdam, please watch for […]

Getting Situated

It’s not easy to arrive in a new country and figure out how to arrange everything right away. You are overwhelmed by newness — a new city, a new language, a new home, probably a new job (for at least one family member) and, if you have children, new schools. If you are lucky, you […]

How to: The Postal Service

Post Offices and Receiving Packages Postal services When you first arrive, you may want to send postcards of your adventures to friends and family back home. But how do you do this? PostNL is the main company that takes care of the mail in the Netherlands. Sandd is another mail delivery company, so you may […]

Getting Around

It’s easy to get around the Netherlands, which is great because there is lots to see and do. Residents and visitors alike enjoy an extensive bike lane network, public transportation is reliable, and the roads and highways are generally in great condition. But to be properly prepared before you leave your new home, one of […]

Going Out

For a tiny country, there is surprisingly no shortage of things to do in the Netherlands. From cinemas to live theaters and concerts to comedy, there are plenty of entertainment options in Amsterdam and beyond. American Women’s Club of Amsterdam members have access to a full calendar of great in-person and virtual events. But beyond […]

Preparing Kids for a Move

Moving is not easy on anyone — adults or kids. John is a 14-year-old boy who recently moved from the US to the Netherlands. According to his parents, he is moody and angry, and he is having a hard time making friends and engaging in schoolwork at his new school. His parents are not sure […]

Where to Go Shopping: Markets in Amsterdam and Beyond

Amsterdam Markets Before Covid-19, Amsterdam markets used to be crowded, bustling places. Now stalls must be spread out, and many vendors are operating with fewer stalls. Check the market status before visiting, and be sure to follow current government guidelines for the coronavirus. Albert Cuyp Markt — This famous market is open Monday through Saturday […]

An Interview with Nita Talwar, President of the Kiran Anjali Project

Introducing Nita Talwar, President of the Kiran Anjali Project, and recipient of the FAWCO Development Grant. 1) What is the mission of the Kiran Anjali Project? The Kiran Anjali Project’s mission is to give guidance and financial support to institutions that provide education to disadvantaged children, especially girls, in India. We envision a bias-free world […]

Applying the Lessons Learned from our Mothers

By Meredith Mani These days, everyone is trying to stretch the supplies they have on hand. People are baking their own bread, looking online for recipes that use canned goods, and finding hacks to get around missing ingredients like yeast. The Greatest Generation — the one of our mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers — pioneered […]

Your Local Food Delivery List

As part of the AWCA's efforts to encourage physical distancing, flattening the curve, and staying safe and healthy, we are sharing our favorite local food and grocery ordering resources. We have a Google form where you can submit your best ideas, and an always up-to-date list of those responses. Don't forget our Benefit Partners and […]

D E S I G N details: Iris van Herpen

by Sherrie Zwail Enderman, SZIdesign Over the years, there have been only a few world-renowned Dutch fashion designers. Not many reach Paris, Japan and New York. But in recent years a true star has emerged on the scene, and it is none other than Iris van Herpen.  Iris van Herpen is a Dutch fashion designer who […]

D E S I G N details: Levenslicht

by Sherrie Zwail Enderman, SZIdesign As some of you may know, design is my passion and I couldn’t be happier about living in the Netherlands, where the local design is constantly inspiring me. I am excited to introduce you to creative and inspiring design, designers, projects, trends and exhibits right here in our backyard.  I first […]

Looking for a Book Club?

by Catie Mohin Greetings, fellow readers and book lovers! Are you new to the AWCA, or have you been thinking about finding a book club? Well, here are some timely tips for you! AWCA currently has three book clubs: the Haarlem Book Club, the Evening Book Club and the Afternoon Book Club. Obvious names, right?! […]

How to Find Fine Dining (on a Budget)

By Marcie Asplin Tulip Talk Editor Who doesn’t appreciate the finer things in life? Although they often come with a hefty price tag, but they don’t have to. Fine dining is one of those categories. Yes, it’s January, and you might be starting New Year’s resolutions or detoxing, so just file this info away for […]