AWCA Blog Guidelines

The AWCA blog is a public online blog where AWCA members can share experiences, ideas, and wisdom about living abroad, particularly in the Netherlands.

Although this blog is public, only current and alumni AWCA members are welcome to submit articles. Articles must be original and not previously published.

All articles are subject to the approval of the editor and/or AWCA Executive Board. The editor reserves the right to edit beyond grammar and spelling for the sake of brevity and clarity.

The AWCA will not publish articles that include:

  • political references or overtones
  • religious references or overtones
  • business or self-promotion
  • anti-American references or overtones
  • criticism of U.S. citizens

For the sake of privacy and security, references to AWCA events, past or future, or photos thereof, will not be published on this public blog.

Authors must own or have licensing rights to submitted photos. The editor reserves the right to replace or add licensed photos to submitted articles.

To submit a post, please email the editor.