AWCA Friends with Benefits

Did you know you have amazing member benefits FREE with your club membership?

Remember to refer to the benefits page on our website for the latest information and offers. Here are just a few benefits this year:

  • 10% discount at the American Book Center
  • FREE Design Consultation for SZI (with contract)
  • FREE Pilates Class with Pilates for Everybody
  • 10% discount on food, beverage and hotel rooms at the Amstel Hotel
  • FREE Hanos membership (Dutch version of Costco)

Just show your current membership card and enjoy the benefits of being a member.

And the benefits extend beyond discounts.

Did you know our club boasts an average of 30 events per month — and half of those are in the evening and on weekends? We cater to many tastes: from feeding the homeless at the DeKloof shelter to touring art exhibits with Art on the Move, to enjoying lekker dinners with Dining Divas. We have an event for everyone, at every price point, and many for your partner or families, too.

Here are some statistics:

  • Average of 30 events per month
  • Average of 12-15 events in the evening or on the weekend
  • Typically 3-4 overnights (or longer) per year
  • 10-12 events are totally FREE (General Meeting/At Night Meeting, Book Club, Lunch Bunch, Pokeno and more)

Did you know you can even plan your own events?

We are a volunteer organization, and we love it when members share a great idea or excursion. You can check the calendar on the website for free days, and then fill out this form to plan your activity. Once it’s approved, our team will post the event on the calendar. Don’t forget to publicize and market your event to our members!

Being a member comes with so many great benefits. You have joined an amazing group of women who are here for you when you need a friend, a travel buddy to explore with, a shoulder to cry on, or a friend to visit you when you are feeling ill. We are more than a club, we are a village — your home away from home.