Board Corner – Feb. 1, 2018


January 29, 2018

EB Members Present: Beth van Amerongen, Martha Canning, Kristin DeLong, Audrey Mezas and Christine Rigby-Hall

Guests: Rhonda Jimenez (Youth Programs) and Lauren Mescon (Parliamentarian and FAWCO Rep)

A. Approval of the Minutes - minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

B. Member Report - Kristin. We currently have 263 members.

C. Officer Reports

I. Vice President - Christine

  1. GM’s - For the February meeting the social time will be shortened due to Catherine’s memorial. Vendors have been informed. Last month the Andaz allowed us to use our old menu, per our request. We are expecting they will do so again this month.
  2. 2018-2019 Executive Board - The nominating committee requested we rename the new “VP Fundraising and External Relations” position. Kristin moved we change the title to “VP External Communications and Relations”. The motion was seconded by Audrey. The motion passed unanimously.
  3. 2018-2019 meeting location update - Christine shared the current quotes for meeting locations. A top venue verbally agreed to our €8,000 budget; however, they have not yet given us a formal contract.
  4. June Luncheon update - The luncheon will be June 4 at the Veranda. Options for the meal were discussed. It was agreed we would like three courses with a welcome drink as we had last year

II. VP Programs - Audrey

  1. 2018 Scholarship - Beth Massa has accepted the position for the 2018/2019 year. This year’s scholarship amount has not yet been determined. We will once again be using outside readers and need to come up with a way to properly thank them, such as a gift certificate or some other token gift to show our appreciation. Once again, there will be two categories, so the high school students are not competing with college students. There was discussion over the requirements for the application. Audrey will review the current policy and bring a proposal to the board, should she deem any changes are necessary.
  2. Youth Programs - Rhonda Jimenez. We have several companies potentially interested in providing internships for our students. They range from one-day opportunities to longer-term options.

III. VP Membership - Kristin

  1. Many of our Associate members are listed as full members on our website. Kristin plans to update their status for those cases in which we know for certain the member is an Associate.

D. Chairwomen/Committee Reports

  • Gala - Kristin: The Tulip Gala will be Saturday, March 10 at the Hyatt. It will be a sit-down dinner with a DJ. There is space for 128 people. The ticket price is still being finalized. It will include a welcome drink, full dinner, Dutch bar with the meal, cash bar for the duration of the party (10:30 onwards), a DJ throughout dinner and dancing until midnight. There will be a silent auction benefiting the FAWCO Target Project. If we have any big auctions items, they might be offered in a live auction. We are also having a magician for entertainment. Kristin will be sharing the solicitation letter with the board, for contacting potential donors.
  • Nominating Committee - Lauren: The nominating committee has been working hard to come up with the slate of candidates for the 2018-19 Executive Board. The slate will be officially presented to the board in February for approval.
  • FAWCO - Lauren:
  1. Interim Meeting - March 23-25 in the Hague. Registration is full. Lauren and Julie are doing the goodie bags.
  2. AWCA will be featured in the inspiring women section of the next newsletter.

E. New Business

  • Catherine's memorial - Martha. Approximately 35 members have responded that they will be attending the memorial. The family’s primary goal is to let AWCA members honor Catherine. We know of 3 family members attending and will save spaces for them. It will begin in our meeting room, followed by a reception.