Board Corner – Jan. 1, 2017


December 12, 2017

EB Members Present: Beth van Amerongen, Martha Canning, Kristin DeLong, Robin Ford, and Christine Rigby-Hall

Guests: Phyllis Larkin and Danielle Tomich

I. Guest Topic: Phyllis Larkin, Public Relations

    1. Phyllis shared that she recently met with our Web Coordinator, Alicia Puig, and they will be updating the club website in the coming months.
    2. Phyllis has been reaching out to American companies, such as Mary Kay and Tesla. Many companies earmark money to sponsor nonprofit organizations. She would like to see us obtain sponsorships at a level that would include benefits such as funding for memberships. She will pull together a proposal to present to the board at a future meeting.
    3. Phyllis would like us to have a larger presence with companies such as Expatica and iAmsterdam. She will look into the cost of doing this and will put together a proposal for a PR budget taking this into account.
    4. Phyllis asked what we can do for consulate women memberships. She would like us to consider discounts for military and government personnel.

Beth made a motion to create a new membership level of half-price for US Military and Government personnel. Robin seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

II. Approval of the Minutes of the previous meeting - the minutes of the last meeting were approved.

III. Approval of New Associate Members/Member Report - Kristin. We currently have 257 members. (71 are new members this year.) There are no associate members to approve this month.

IV. Officer Reports


  1. Treasurer - Robin. Our current accounts total €63,535. Approximately €4,400 is scholarship. Our current Andaz spending is €2088.
  2. Vice President - Christine
    1. Andaz meeting update - Christine and Audrey met with the Andaz to discuss our issues. We are awaiting a new lunch proposal from them. They will give us a proposal for next year by February at the latest
    2. 2018-2019 meeting location update - Christine updated us on the current status of searching for venues. Lee Ford will be assisting her in investigating possibilities. It was discussed that the At Night Meetings do not necessarily have to be at the same place, since they do not require the vendor space and fewer people attend.
    3. June Luncheon - The Veranda has put a hold on June 4th for us.
    4. Changes to board duties and org chart - Christine evaluated all the board positions prior to presenting them to the Nominating Committee. She shared a description of all positions with the proposed changes, including reorganizing reporting relationships, renaming VP Programs to VP Philanthropy, recombining VP Internal Communications and Secretary, and adding a new VP (Fundraising and External Relations). Kristin made a motion to approve the new board structure as presented. Christine seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.
    5. Nominating Committee / Elections update - The committee has been formed and met. They requested the Executive Board to make brief videos to help promote their jobs.

C. VP Programs - Audrey has been communicating with the Hyatt concerning the gala. Kristin is chairing the committee and currently has 7 members on the committee. It was discussed that the tentative date of February 3rd is possibly too soon. Kristin will get with Audrey and the committee to come up with a new date.

D. VP Communications/Secretary - Beth

  1. Next Advisory Board Meeting - It was agreed that we should invite everyone on the org chart to the next meeting and then ask for agenda items. Beth will then organize the agenda to include times. It will be scheduled at the end of March. Tentative dates are either March 26th or 28th. Beth will contact the Schreierstoren to see if the room we used last year is available.
  2. The next board meeting will be Jan. 29, 2018, at 11 a.m. at Beth van Amerongen’s home.