AWCA Budget 2018-2019

Below is the AWCA 2018-2019 budget that has been approved by the Executive Board. This budget will be voted on at our May 7 General Meeting. Should you have questions or would like clarification, please contact Robin Ford prior to Sunday, May 6, as the meeting agenda does not include discussion of the budget, only voting on it.

The columns are arranged:

  1. The proposed budget for 2018-2019
  2. The budget for 2017-2018,
  3. Expected results for the club year 2017-2018 based on based on eight months of actuals
  4. The variance between columns 2 and 3

Please feel free to contact Robin Ford.


1. Advertising Income: Decreased for this year due to lower than expected advertising income in 2017-2018

2. Vendor Income: Decreased due to fewer vendors are coming to meetings and notification that Spanish NL has closed her business.

3. Scholarship Raffle: Decreased due to less revenue this year at GMs and no Gala in 2019

4. At Night: in the past, the room space was “donated” by the Andaz — we paid for beverages and expenses. They changed their policies with the club and we now are paying for the At Night space.

5. At Night Extras: Speakers gifts, extra expenses associated with meetings

6. Community Service: Although the budget was not spent in 2017-2018, we kept Community Service in our budget as we have new board members coming on responsible for this area and we wanted to allow them to have a budget to develop their programs.

7. General Meeting Extras: Speakers gifts, babysitters and babysitter service expenses. This year these costs were paid out of the GM budget. Because these expenses are on-going, they need their own budget line.

8. Newcomers: We have had a large group of new members this year —over 100! Kristin DeLong did an amazing job! We are putting more money into this line to support and encourage new members. This money will also be used to supplement the monthly Newcomer’s coffees and cocktail parties so that the host’s out-of-pocket expenses are not as high. This has been donated by the hosts in the past.

9. Opijnen: Due to our yearly commitment to the Memorial Day remembrance in Opijnen, we separated out the cost of the wreaths.

10. Public Relations: To pay for brochures, cards etc. to be used at Expat fairs and relocation services. We often hear that ladies moving to Amsterdam had no idea we existed and we want to make sure that anyone who would like to join has the opportunity.

For questions or clarification on the budget please email Treasurer Robin Ford.