Executive Board Minutes for September, 2018

Approved Executive Board Minutes

September 14, 2018


Meeting Attendees: Rhonda, Ingrid, Catie, Anne, Amy, Christine RH, Julie, Kristin, Christine C, Robin (on phone)

Meeting Start Time: 10:32 am


  1. Approval of the Minutes of the previous meeting
  • Amy made the motion, Catie seconded, all approved. - APPROVED

  1. Approval of New Associate Members
    1. Discussed whether we want to do these approvals at board meetings (how it’s been done in the past) or via text in WhatsApp or email. Decided the latter -- don’t like making them wait and it doesn’t bother us to do a quick WhatsApp thread about it. Membership Chair will then put those decisions in her monthly report to bring to next Board Meeting & Secretary will record it in the Minutes.
    2. Discussion of the ratio of Associate members to Full members.
    3. We did have one Associate member waiting for approval. Joanna Joor
      1. Catie made the motion, Amy seconded, all approved. - APPROVED


  1. Officer Reports
    1. President - Rhonda Jimenez
      1. Create calendar for board members
        1. Rhonda will share the Board calendar with us for us to put all our out-of-town dates on it.
      2. Discussed what is necessary now for Internal Communications to be moved to VP - do we need to vote at a mtg?
        1. Call for a vote at the October meeting but have to have a quorum
      3. Halloween coordinators
        1. Rhonda met with the women who do the Oud Zuid Halloween event
        2. We’ll have a triangular park area behind Beethovenstraat to do a toddler village in the area they’ve designated for 5 & under trick-or-treaters - face painting, games, disco, decorated bakfiets, some trunk-or-treating
        3. Still need coordinators for it.
      4. t-shirt ordering
        1. Need to find a vendor - Kristen knows a guy she likes
      5. Vendors for the November holiday fair
        1. If we know of any vendors that could be good for this, let Christine know.
      6. Plan & Agenda for next GM
        1. Add to slide: Several open positions
          1. Gala Chair
          2. Scholarships
          3. Volunteer Coordinator
        2. Add to slide: Vote for additional VP role being added to the By-laws
        3. Add to slide: reminder to members that when they pay for something they need to be sure to add their name & what it’s for in the note on the transfer.
        4. Discussed the meeting plan
          1. No formal guest speaker
          2. 45 minutes of coffee time w/ club tables for different parts of the org & non-profits that we work with + small group tours of the hotel
          3. 45 minutes of meeting w/ slide deck and then a get-to-know-you Bingo game
          4. 45 minutes of going back to the coffee + small group tours of the hotel
          5. Discussion of where the tables & coffee time will be
          6. We need to communicate this plan to the club
            1. Two Email blasts
              1. One right away announcing the plan and encouraging folks who want to have a table to let us know
              2. One a bit closer to the date reminding members of the agenda
            2. Facebook posts as well
          7. We’ll have paper cards that will have the colors for each of the tours; the game on one side; the list of tables they could visit so they can check them off / be sure they get to the ones they want to see
      7. Committee for the end-of-year luncheon - need a chair
      8. Discussed the idea of a Club Liaison role which Audrey Mezas would like to do

      1. Treasurer - Robin/Anne
        1. Savings: €40,137.14; Checking (Director’s account): €46,323.77
          1. Amount in the checking account is primarily for excursion & activity payments that have come in
        2. No outstanding bills for the running of the club but we haven’t received the invoices yet from the Amstel for the two meetings
        3. Need to do a reminder to members that when they pay for something they need to be sure to add their name & what it’s for in the note on the transfer. - Add to a slide at next GM

      2. Vice President - Christine
        1. Discussed ideas for gifts for speakers?  
        2. Discussed how the October meeting will work - Different order of meeting that day - work in groups as we tour and the clubs and activities in our club will have tables set up in the big room
        3. We need someone to help us reach out to other vendors to make the November meeting filled with 15-20 vendors.  Location thoughts?
        4. Donna suggested an art show with all the members who are artists
          1. How about doing it during an At Night meeting?

      3. Secretary/Internal Communications - Amy
        1. Kick-off call w/ Cat Conners (brief summary)
        2. GDPR compliance & Privacy Policy - updates needed to the website in a few areas
        3. User Profile issues - We fixed one website issue regarding updating profiles but there’s still another one -- something wrong w/ profile photo adding & deleting.
          1. Amy to check to see if it’s a browser issue
        4. Viewable member profile page needs updating.
        5. Discussed starting to use Google Forms since we’ve used up our free allotment on Jot Forms
        6. Update the Facebook Photo
          1. Amy to do & start changing them monthly
        7. Discussed the concern that Amy’s taking on too much -- need to delegate more.
          1. Look at the web coordinator role -- beef up? Find someone to take over from Alicia if she leaves or can’t take on more responsibility

      4. VP External Communications - Carol (unable to attend due to illness)
        1. Updated Advertising Rates (see item C under “New Business”)


  • We discussed this a bit. Rhonda will meet w/ Carol & Caroline.


      1. ASICS event - not discussed
      2. Expat Fair in Oct - not discussed

    1. VP Membership - Catie/Ingrid
      1. Membership - new & renewals update (see table below)
        1. Want to send a reminder email to those who haven’t renewed letting them know they’ll lose access to the website as of October 1. If not, ask why - moved? Not interested?
          1. Catie needs help with sending a segmented email like this.
        2. Discussed what to do for members who are moving soon and only need partial year membership.
      2. We need to decide on Stripe or IDeal  - do we have a Square or card reader that will go with it? Will meet with Treasurer and Secretary soon Board Meeting to make a plan.
        1. Discussed that there will be a cost to doing this -- first for setting it up and ongoing charges
      3. get info to Amy & Cat for new membership tier - needs to be done probably by February
      4. demo run on membership registration and paying dues; clear up confusion about the fact that bank transfers do not happen on the AWCA website
      5. unpaid renewals will be blocked from website Oct 1. Cat will implement this.
      6. New: printed name tags and tracking of At Night meetings
      7. Full vs Associate member ratio (see “II” above)
        1. She’ll send a weekly update of our numbers to the board
      8. Member advertising on their name tags was discussed. Too many potential issues & additional work. Agreed that members can wear an additional tag of their own that advertises their business.
      9. Meeting check-in improvements
        1. L shaped desk area

    2. Philanthropy - Julie/Kristin
      1. Discuss guidelines for what types of philanthropy opportunities we should advertise/promote as a club (community service, youth ... sponsored by a club member or not?)
        1. Discussed that if an outside org comes to Philanthropy with an opportunity, can they make a call to promote it in our FB group? We want to be sure it doesn’t detract from the other philanthropic initiatives supported by our club and that it meets requirements of being relevant to our club or women or expats, etc.
      2. Ideas of ways to best distribute information about philanthropy opportunities (FB, TT, website...?)
        1. Similar to above item
      3. De Kloof update & club budget for groceries?
        1. Banner signup for volunteers this month.
        2. There is plenty of budget for it leftover
      4. Share Your Gifts for Good update
        1. We already have 30+ items
      5. FAWCO trips - Heidelberg, Morocco, Scotland
      6. Scholarship criteria? Kristin hasn’t been able to find all the documents. Will bring next time.

    3. Parliamentarian - Beth/Christine


  1. Chairwomen/Committee Reports


  1. Old Business
    1. Julie & Kristin to bring proposal for updated Scholarship criteria.
    2. Discuss the overall club budget further with Robin present. - punting to next time.
      1. But discussed the new advertising options & rates presented by Carol & Caroline
    3. Share Organizational Chart - Beth or Christine RH to present.
    4. T-shirt vendor & ordering
  1. New Business
    1. Discuss the GDPR compliance of our website and communication practices.
      1. Discussed that we have more to do in this regard; Waiting on recommendations from Cat Conners
    2. Discuss the idea of allowing advertisers to purchase a dedicated email that is sent to our mailing list.
      1. Discussed that it should be a much higher price & should offer something of value: useful content and/or discounts
      2. Need to make sure we’re GDPR-compliant with this
    3. Add Chair titles to member name tags


For next time:

  • Scholarships
  • Org chart


  1. Schedule next meeting: Monday, 9/15 11 am at Robin’s house

    Meeting adjourned: 2:20 pm



  • Heavy uptick in new registrations and renewals in the 2-3 days prior to GM


  • Name tag table well but we will make some changes per our conference call recommendations
  • Most important change to use computer to record attendance, add space and/or separate table for Treasurer
  • Welcome table was a great addition and seemed to help