FAWCO Corner – February 1, 2018

by your FAWCO Reps, Lauren Mescon & Julie Lehr

Interim Meeting - March 23-25 in The Hague

The FAWCO Interim Meeting, to be held in The Hague March 23-25, is full.  If you would like to be put on the waiting list, please email the registrar.

Every year since 1995, FAWCO members around the world have lent their creative sewing talents to the FAWCO Friendship Quilt. This year’s Butterfly quilt will be raffled at the FAWCO Interim Meeting to raise money for the foundation's programs and charitable causes. You don't need to be present to win — get your raffle tickets from your FAWCO reps.

Quilt to be raffled at the Interim Meeting

Goodie Bags: Your reps tend to have a habit of not saying no. This time they said yes to preparing the goodie bags for the Interim Meeting. With a total of 160 anticipated attendees, they are now scratching their heads as to what to put into those bags — with no budget. That said, if you have any wonderful suggestions or connections to typical Dutch items, like stroopwafels, gin, cheese, chocolate, tulips, windmills (☺) or anything else you can think of, please let us know, as we would hate to just offer an empty bag!

Regional Meetings

Region 6 in Bern will meet on May 25 and 26 hosted by AWC of Bern. For more information, contact angela.aebersold@homespot.ch.

Opportunities for Involvement on a Global Scale

Like AWCA, FAWCO is made up of volunteers. If you want to get more involved, join one of the teams!

The Education Team, led by co-chairs Arandeep Degun and Carol-Lyn McKelvey, seeks to Increase Awareness of Global Issues in Education. Their emphasis is on global citizenship, literacy, equal access, and access to and initiatives in continuing education after high school, with special attention to UNESCO's involvement in global education. Don't miss their monthly Education Bulletin.

The Human Rights Team, led by Therese Hartwell, covers the topics of economic and political empowerment for women, ending violence against women, and women in peace and conflict. They regularly feature an article highlighting the link between education and human rights in their Human Rights Bulletin.

The Health Team, led by Blandina Steinhauslin and Linda Harvan, is new and will provide information about women's health and aging, and will also introduce practical tips and resources to care for ourselves and our family members.

The UN Liaison Team is active with FAWCO UN reps engaged in awareness raising and advocacy in New York, Geneva, Vienna and Athens, and holding leadership positions on NGO Committees on the Status of Women, Human Rights and Migration. Education is a theme throughout much of their work. Learn more!