From Isabelle Cajfinger

Catherine was a discreet friend who always thought about how she could help others.

Catherine knew I had a love for Trader Joe’s, so every time she went to the U.S., she would be back with a new bag/new design from that store. When I went to L.A., she thought ahead of time, always solving possible situations I may encounter and there she loaned me the biggest, yet lightest duffle bag to fold in my luggage as she was sure I’d need it on the way back to Amsterdam, and of course, I did need it.

She knew I was looking for a store in Lech where my cashmere plaids could be displayed: she brought back from her trip there the whole book of the region's stores, the relevant yellow pages copied, and filed! How many friends would do that?

Catherine was always ready to laugh and connect people — who would, of course, become my friends after I’d met them!

Each time I asked for us to get together, Catherine would say with a big smile: “You say you are in town, but you are always away!” Now she is “away,” but will always be in my heart and be part of me.