Looking for a Book Club?

by Catie Mohin

Greetings, fellow readers and book lovers! Are you new to the AWCA, or have you been thinking about finding a book club? Well, here are some timely tips for you!

AWCA currently has three book clubs: the Haarlem Book Club, the Evening Book Club and the Afternoon Book Club. Obvious names, right?! The American Book Center on Spuistraat also runs a monthly book club, which is open to the public.

With that said, available spots in the book clubs tends to ebb and flow. Members leave through repatriation or because of work or family commitments, and new members are always looking to join. For example, both the Afternoon and Evening Book Clubs are full at the moment. The Haarlem Book Club is a tad more open-ended since many of the members' homes (where book clubs meet) are a little larger. Keep in mind, though, that good discussions are easier if there are about 8-12 readers in the group.

So, now that you know about AWCA book clubs, what's next? Would you like to start another book club? As you may already know, you can start a new AWCA activity by using this request form. This form is also accessible on the awca.nl website in the Member Pages → Planning An Activity (you must first sign in to access the Member Pages). The form is designed to accommodate recurring events such as a book club.

If you need some help getting your book club started, here are several helpful links about organizing and starting a book club:

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Contact Catie Mohin if you need any further help getting started, or if you want to bounce around some ideas. Good luck, and happy reading!