Member Travel Tips: Copenhagen



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This month's destination is Copenhagen!




  • The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde. A very interesting and well-done museum where we learned more about the Vikings (and maybe they were not as violent as portrayed but definitely fierce). And the cafe there serves a modern take using only foods of the Viking Age!
  • Climb to the top of the bell tower at Church of Our Saviour for the best view of Copenhagen. (It's so cool because the steps are on the outside of the spire. It was even on the Amazing Race.)
  • Tivoli Gardens - European amusement park and really fun. Be aware it's not open all 12 months! Check the dates before you make plans.
  • Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek - - an art museum housed in a gorgeous space. Lots of sculpture, some mummies and other ancient stuff, and small but really nice collection of French masterpieces and paintings from the Danish Golden Age. I imagine the King's Garden (Kongens Have) will be especially lovely in the summer! Or slightly later in the spring when things are blooming.
  • The Nyhavn neighbourhood looks like Amsterdam with pretty canal homes.
  • Rosenborg Castle.
  • Little Mermaid Statue. I guess it's a must-see but it's a bit underwhelming.
  • Walk or run along the water on the boardwalk. It’s near the Marriott. Fun outdoor exercise option.
  • First time we went we did a canal cruise, which is a good way to see some of the city.
  • AC Perch’s Thehandel is an old tea shop. So many options and some tasty tea!

Other Tips:

  • One of my favorite cities. Pretty, charming, clean, friendly people, good shopping, and great food!
  • We spent most of our time walking around, enjoying seeing the city. It's very walkable, but a canal tour is worthwhile when you're ready for a break!
  • It was pretty easy to take the train from the airport to the central station. There's a bank of ticket kiosks in Terminal 3, you can choose English on the machine, and there are people to help if you get confused. Uber doesn't operate in Copenhagen, but there are taxis if you need. The Copenhagen airport was actually really nice — definitely one of the quietest I've ever been in. We got to the airport a bit early for our flight home, and it was a pleasant place to relax and have a drink. There are also lots of stores there if you want to grab something on your way home (and don't want to schlep it around the city with you).

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