AWCA members are an adventurous bunch! Many of us are frequent and enthusiastic travelers, so this series aims to share travel tips each month. Each recommendation below comes from the real-life experiences of people you know and trust. These are their words! Do you have suggestions for our members? Please fill out our short survey.

This month's destination is Utrecht!



  • Keek
  • Frenchie Cafe
  • Rose & Vanilla
  • Springhaver
  • Restaurant Blauw
  • If you’re a foodie, book a dinner at WT Urban Kitchen, but be warned it’s often booked up two months in advance so plan accordingly
  • Ted's  - all day brunch
  • Oproer Brewery - excellent beer and really delicious plant-based food. It's a bit outside Utrecht proper, but it's right next to a train station, so you can come and go that way as needed. The location is a bit odd, but the food and drink were great.


  • Domunder - ascinating trip under the Domplein to see artifacts from past generations, cool multimedia experience for all ages)
  • Dom Tower - Climb up to the top of the highest church tower in NL, learn interesting stories too. Seconded! You need to make reservations as you are required to go with a tour.
  • Museum Speelklok - Music machine museum you MUST do the guided tour to truly appreciate/experience this museum
  • Rent a kayak - go around the canals, much calmer than Amsterdam
  • If the weather is nice you can rent a peddle boat and cruise along the canals.
  • The Miffy Museum is great for kids
  • So is the Spoorweg (Railway)Museum

Bonus Tips:

  • Utrecht binnenstad is very walkable!! If you like to bike, head out of the city center to Amelisweerd, Bunnik. It's a large forested area with three restaurants and walking distance biking trails.
  • It's really easy to get to Utrecht by train and only takes 20 minutes. The streets around the Oude Gracht are full of fun shops and restaurants. It's a lovely place to spend a day!

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