Member Travel Tips: Venice

photo of Venice canal with a gondola in the middle and houses lining the sides

AWCA members are an adventurous bunch! Many of us are frequent and enthusiastic travelers, so this new series aims to share travel tips each month. Each recommendation below comes from the real-life experiences of people you know and trust. Do you have suggestions for our members? Please fill out our short survey.

This month's destination is Venice!



  • Hotel Amadeus - near the train station, about a 30 minute walk to St. Mark's Square (Piazza San Marco)
  • Hotel Paganelli - "Great views, reasonable, and 5 minutes to St. Mark's Square"
  • Hotel Agli Alboretti - "There's a classic wine bar right nearby"
  • Another member suggested: "Try Airbnb for something central and authentic, but it's easy to stay in Mestre too. Mestre is like Buitenveldert to Amsterdam."



  • One member suggested taking a gondola rowing lesson and said, "it was a hit with the kids."
  • Peggy Guggenheim Collection
  • An Interpreti Veneziani concert - "The cellist is amazing! They perform in a lovely old church close to the Academia bridge. I've seen them several times. The first time I had my (then) teenage children with me. They loved it too."
  • Take the ferry to Burano island. "Great atmosphere and cute shops."
  • Pay the €6 per person (plus expensive coffee) to sit at St. Mark's Square and listen to music.

Other Tips:

  • Try to get a little lost and you will find wonderful things!
  • Drink your coffees and wine at the bar and not sitting down to save some money.
  • Check out "the area around Campo Santa Margarita. It's usually pretty lively and kind of a young crowd."
  • Another idea: "it's really fun to buy vino 'alla spina,' which is straight from a tap into a glass or plastic bottle. The wine isn't necessarily that great, but I love the idea that it's like buying the local beer in Germany or such."
  • "It's expensive, but if you are flying into Marco Polo, it is a fabulous experience to hire a private boat/taxi to take you to Venice proper (also a lot faster)."
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Next month, we'll be sharing tips for the beautiful city of Copenhagen! Please help fellow AWCAers by sharing your experiences in our our very short survey.