Executive Board Minutes for October 2018

Approved Executive Board Minutes

October 15, 2018

Meeting Attendees: Rhonda, Christine RH, Catie, Carol, Robin, Julie, Christine C, Amy

Meeting Start Time: 11:20 a.m.

  1. Approval of the Minutes of the previous meeting
    1. Amy made motion to approve, Christine seconded, unanimously approved. 
  2. Approval of New Associate Members
  3. Officer Reports
    1. President - Rhonda
      1. Discussed the last GM & At Night — good turnout for both.
      2. Halloween - 10/31 5pm-7ish pm
        1. Need more help
        2. We have a couple of games - Cornhole and Jennifer Barnett’s family is bringing a game
        3. Lighting? (No power source so need to battery-powered)
          1. Carol will research lights
        4. Music - Amy can bring along w/ a spooky playlist
        5. Craft?
        6. We all should reach out to one or two people we know & ask for help
        7. Rhonda has a bunch of donated candy
        8. Rhonda will bring AWCA banner
      3. Nov Holiday Fair & budget for extra room.
        1. Amstel has said “IF the room’s available at the last minute, we can use it for free. But if we want to reserve it ahead of time, it will cost €1250”
        2. Discussed spending the money to do this. We’re charging for the tables but we would come out at a loss. However, the point of this is a service to the community & community-building and not to be a money-making endeavor.
        3. Robin will look at the budget & make a recommendation of where the money can come from and then the board will vote.
        4. We have 19 vendors and may have a few more. Amy will ask the toy store on Elandsgracht.
        5. We’re inviting the ISA American Parents Community moms from it.
      4. Secretary and Newcomers role. (see #2 below under Parliamentarian)
      5. AWCA T-shirts update
        1. Looked at samples
          1. Need to give specific instructions on logo placement -- not in a good spot on all the styles/sizes
          2. We’re not happy with the quality of the fabric
          3. Printer is willing to print on demand but with current quality of shirt our cost is €20 a shirt
      6. Scholarships
        1. Board members’ kids can apply but committee members’ kids can not.
    2. Treasurer - Robin/Anne
      1. Review guidelines on spending with in people’s committees
        1. Robin suggested that we create a policy that any single charge over €50 has to be approved by the VP over that committee. We’ll put this in the Volunteer Handbook.
      2. Robin gave a financial update
    3. Vice President - Christine
      1. Holiday fair - discussed under President’s agenda
      2. Ideas for speakers that I should really pursue.
        1. Discussed ideas
    4. VP Internal Communications & Secretary - Amy
      1. Web person - need a page for Donors/Sponsors ads (Gala & Luncheon sponsor benefits)
        1. Agree that this page will be in our Member Pages section
        2. We discussed the need for someone to own the relationships with the Donors & delivering on the benefits - but what section of the org does this role fall under?
        3. Robin looked at Web budget - we have €1000
      2. Budget for more website work by Cat (see attachment 1)
      3. GDPR Compliance Update (see attachment 1)
      4. Updates from meeting with Tulip Talk editor
        1. Discussed stock photography - will ask Katie to research & propose
        2. Discussed and agreed that blog post submissions should come from members only
    5. VP External Communications - Carol
      1. Web person-  need updates to bene partners page - Discussed under #1 on VP Internal agenda above
      2. ASICS event
        1. Offering to host a free event for our members, Tues 11/27, Wed 11/28, Fri 11/30 - it was decided to hold the event Tues, 11/27 as a combo Zumba class and DJ/shopping/snacks party.  
        2. ASICS would provide all of it.
        3. “Fitness & Fun”
      3. Vendor Fair November- potential vendors from Expat Fair
        1. Discussed earlier
      4. ANBI docs for 501c research (Lauren, Carol)
      5. Member survey from Phyllis
        1. Add some rating scales about how welcome they felt initially, how easy it was to find info, etc
        2. Offer option to add name & email address and “do you want to be contacted about your feedback?”
    6. VP Membership - Catie/Ingrid
      1. New, renewing & canceled member update (see attachment 2)
        1. 269 Members right now
        2. Catie surprised that we haven’t gotten more new members from ExPat fair. Got 40+ names, 6 registrations so far, 4 of which have paid.
      2. New name tag organization, more volunteers to staff the check-in table for the GM -  check-in is smoother.
      3. Still many inquiries about trouble paying on the website. Will require more work to figure out exactly what is going on.
        1. We need to update the UI of the website so it’s not so confusing
      4. New item: A lot of old accounts on the site that haven’t been members in a long time that should be deleted; We discussed that we need to do this and agreed that it will be done one year after an account has reached its end of term.
    7. Philanthropy - Julie/Kristin
      1. Share Your Gifts for Good update
        1. Decided to send a reminder email; Discussed videoing Rhonda signing up to post on Facebook to show members how to do it.
      2. Scholarship update
        1. Discussed earlier under President’s agenda
      3. Community service opportunity for women & children’s shelter, for November meeting(s): battery-powered nightlights for children suffering from nightmares & Christmas gifts for all children (30-40) in shelters
        1. Discussed having a table for both of these things at the November Fair
        2. Double check on the commitment of 30-40? What if we don’t have enough takers?
    8. Parliamentarian - Beth/Christine
      1. Sponsorship commitments fulfillment
        1. Christine Rigby-Hall has agreed to handle the Facebook postings for the 10 June events donors since she was the VP in charge of the events / offers.  
      2. Board roles and optimization
        1. Everyone reflect on their role & responsibilities, write down what’s working well & what’s not working well. Is there anything we’re doing that’s not necessary?
        2. Is the board doing things that aren’t mapping to our goals?
        3. We need to tap more volunteers.
          1. Committee for end of year Luncheon
          2. Tapping specific people personally is more effective.
        4. Add a section to Tulip Talk about open volunteer roles
  4. Chairwomen/Committee Reports
  5. Old Business
  6. New Business
    1. Focus on Philanthropy team for the next Tulip Talk
      1. Christina Collins, etc,
      2. Mention that we need someone to lead Scholarships
      3. A one-liner from each of the Scholarship winners
    2. Amy proposed we consider changing the names of our member categories from “Full” and “Associate” to something else. Both are actually full members, it’s just distinguishing between US Citizens vs not. We’ll brainstorm ideas.
    3. Discussed proposing a New Member registration fee of €15, includes the shopping tote, bookmark with tips; Welcome to Dutch life class (that we want to start up at some point)
    4. Discussed ideas around incentivizing paying dues in a more timely manner because it’s a lot of overhead for the team; We’ve never increased our dues. Discussed €90 until August 15 then €100; But then still a €15 reg fee? Will discuss at next meeting.
  1. Schedule next meeting: Monday, November 12, 10 am at Carol’s house

Meeting adjourned: 3:22pm