Minutes: Executive Board Meeting, April 23, 2018 (draft)

This is a draft. The minutes have not yet been approved by the Executive Board.

Present: Beth van Amerongen, Martha Canning, Robin Ford, Audrey Mezas, Christine Rigby-Hall

The meeting was called to order at 12:50 p.m.

I. Approval of the Minutes of the previous meeting - the minutes were approved as presented.

II. Approval of New Associate Members/Member Report - Kristin reported via email that we currently have 287 members. There were not any Associate Member applications for approval this month.

III.  Officer Reports

A. Treasurer - Robin

1. The club computer crashed. We might need to consider a new purchasing a new one, as the current one is quite old.

2. Our membership income is over budget by more than €2,000 because more members joined than predicted.

3. Many budget areas are behind in spending. It was discussed that the spending needs to be distributed more throughout the year. The Amsterdam and Haarlem Reps are hoping to use their entire budgets for the end of year celebration. The volunteer handbook currently discourages more than 20% of a budget area to be spent on one event. The board discussed changing the verbiage to require board approval for a single event costing more than 20% of a budget, to encourage a more even distribution of club funded activities throughout the year. This will be clearly stated in the proposed budget for 2018-19.

4. There is money in the FAWCO budget after reimbursing the FAWCO reps for their registration fees for the Interim Meeting. Robin will reach out to others who attended to get their receipts and distribute the remaining funds proportionately between the day and full attendees.

5. Robin is in the process of preparing the budget for the 2018-19 club year. She will be sending it to the board to be approved via email so that it can be presented in the May Tulip Talk. It will be voted on at the May General Meeting.

B. Secretary - Beth

1. Beth shared her discussion with PR chairwoman, Phyllis Larkin, including the one-page handout she recommends. It was agreed we need a promotional postcard. Mimi van Amerongen will do the graphic design and the board will proof it for content before it is printed. The board discussed other materials to promote our club, such as pens and reusable totes. There is money in the PR budget to cover these. Beth will look ordering the items mentioned.

2. The Organizational Chart was reviewed and modified to represent the new positions and job descriptions. Beth will send a draft to the board to review prior to posting on the website.

C. Vice President - Christine

1. May Speakers - Valerie Russell will speak at the General Meeting about her experiences in Jordan. Sandra Cabrera will speak At Night about life as the U.S. Consul General’s wife and Expat mom.

2. June Luncheon and At Night Party - Most Executive Board members will be attending both events. The planning for both is well underway. Christine has been collecting donations for the scholarship raffles.

3. Peter den Tek, our April GM Speaker, asked us to endorse his Sky of Hope project. Christine is awaiting more information as to what it entails.

D. VP Programs - Audrey

1. Audrey reviewed the current proposal for next year’s meeting place with the board. Input was given which she will attempt to include in the final contract. When a final document is ready, Martha will sign it and an announcement will be made to the club.

E. VP Membership - Kristin

1. Kristin will not be at the May meeting for managing our new members. She will reach out to incoming Membership VPs, Ingrid and Catie to see if they can help out.

IV. Chairwomen/Committee Reports

A. Gala - Kristin

1. The gala committee has disbanded; however, thank you notes still need to be written to donors and sponsors. Martha will work with Kristin on this.

V. Next meeting - The final Executive Board Meeting of the year will include both the outgoing and incoming boards. It was proposed to do either June 6 or 7 for lunch or for dinner. Beth will conduct a Doodle Survey with all involved to determine the best date. The current board will then come up with a location on the WhatsApp group.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:50 p.m.