Remembering Catherine Hewins

1957 - 2017

"I live with the comfort and deep appreciation of knowing that Catherine was responsible for much of my wonderful life and joyful memories during my years in Amsterdam."

- Eveline Shum

“Catherine was an incredibly special person – one who brought great joy, intellect, laughter, and love to our world, our community, her extended family and friends, and most especially, to me.”

- Lisa Kuller

“Catherine's thoughtfulness and generous spirit live on in my friendships and in my love for Amsterdam and the American Women's community.” 

- Eveline Shum

“Each time I asked for us to get together, Catherine would say with a big smile: “You say you are in town, but you are always away!” Now she is “away,” but will always be in my heart and be part of me.” 

- Isabelle Cajfinger

‘Gracious’ is the word I think of when I think of Catherine. She was a gentle, loving, sincere, funny and warm woman. When I learned of her health issues four years ago, I was taken aback by her courage, strength, and determination.”

- Sherrie Zwail

I miss Catherine's presence in my life very much but feel honored to have walked many strides with my Amsterdam sister.

- Lisa Janisch

Sadly, we must say goodbye to one very important member, Catherine Hewins.

“Our Catherine” was active for more than 20 years in the AWCA, most recently as Amsterdam co-rep., and was responsible for many of the friendships that have formed between members of the AWCA. As we miss her, we are also grateful for all that she left us and will carry her spirit with us when we are gathered together.

I, personally, will miss her friendly face and kind nature, as I remember her welcoming yet another new face to the club.

Catherine loved the AWCA and wanted to share that love with as many people as possible, evident from the personal tributes her friends have written in her honor.

- AWCA President Martha Canning

A Message from Robert Hewins

Dear Members of the AWCA,

It is with sadness and regret that I inform you of the passing of my wife and longtime AWCA member, Catherine Hewins.

The AWCA was one of the key communities that Catherine was involved with, and she took great pleasure in supporting members— whether freshly arrived in the Netherlands, or longterm transplants — across a wide variety of activities.

Services for Catherine were held Thursday, December 7, and a memorial event for her is being planned for sometime in the New Year.

Catherine being Catherine, she would not want members to make a big fuss about her passing and to understand that she did what she did for the AWCA with heart and pleasure until she couldn't anymore.

Warm regards,
Robert Hewins

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